Children and Young People’s Social Work in Newham

Newham’s Children and Young People’s services is a great place to practise social work, offering challenging and interesting work with a genuine opportunity to make a difference. We aim to support all of our social workers into becoming confident systemically trained practitioners, and we are creating a togetherness where everybody feels like an important part of our journey: 'Newham Together'. We are striving to provide the necessary support and training to help practitioners achieve the best outcomes for all of our children, young people and their families as we look to become a 'Centre of Excellence' for children's social care by 2023.

Our outcomes

All children and young people in Newham will:

  1. Grow up happy, healthy, and safe
  2. Flourish in our schools
  3. Benefit from employment, skills and training opportunities
  4. Play an active role in the community

Our obsessions

  • Improve the care experience
  • Increase support to families
  • Invest in the workforce, improving quality and stability
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Our key themes

Our Strategic Improvement Plan focuses on all aspects of social care, delivering vital improvements to Children’s and Young People Services.

  1. Leadership Vision and Culture
  2. Model of Practice
  3. The Fundamentals
  4. Corporate Parenting
  5. Partnerships
  6. Learning and Transparency
  7. Workforce

Welcome to ‘Newham Together’ – the best place for children and young people

There has never been a more exciting opportunity to grow and develop as a social worker in Newham.

Newham has a really ambitious work programme underway led by our elected Mayor and the Council has a number of key priorities, including Community Wealth Building: providing the best opportunities and securing a fair deal for Newham residents. Transforming services for children and young people is at the heart of this agenda.

More Info


We have recently completed a recruitment drive but will be advertising again soon and then continuously throughout 2020. Please continue to monitor this website.

For more information please contact our Recruitment and Retention Lead, Liam Barrell, on 07971753192 or email .


Social Worker's Message

"My passion is for bringing systemic ideas into social work with families. I’m glad to see that we are adopting a restorative approach in the way we work with our families and each other"

Garth Batley - Advance Practitioner message

Investing in Social Work

We are currently embarking on a new journey in social care and investing in a programme of transformation. This is creating an energising environment with a clear sense of purpose and direction that we are confident will deliver improved outcomes for children and their families.