Welcome to ‘Newham Together’ – the best place for children and young people

There has never been a more exciting time be a social worker in Newham.

Newham has a young and diverse population, and is a dynamic and exciting place to work – it has recently seen an impressive investment in services for young people, and is the first borough in London to establish a Children and Young People’s Commissioner. Newham is ambitious to become the best place for Children and young people, through the ‘Towards a Better Newham’ programme led by our elected Mayor. 2021 will be the Newham’s Year of the Young Person, when we will celebrate the achievements and aspirations of children and young people across the borough.

Our ambition is to make Newham a ‘Centre of Excellence’ in Children’s Social Care by 2023. Critical to achieving this goal is to invest in our workforce. This means recruiting, developing and supporting outstanding social workers. We have developed a clinical team of systemic experts to support you in your practice, and a social care academy to support your on-going professional development.

We are building a culture of openness, transparency, and accountability, where everyone feels valued and empowered to make a positive impact in families’ lives. Our new ‘Newham Together’ practice model is based on a relational and systemic approach, with a focus on building purposeful relationships with families.

Social work in Newham will stretch you, but offers a unique opportunity to make an impact. We want social workers to join us who are up for a challenge, who want to make a difference and most importantly want to improve the outcomes for children and young people in Newham.

Join us on our journey to make Newham the best place for children and young people - a ‘Centre of Excellence’ in Children’s Social Care by 2023!

Tim Aldridge

Corporate Director of Children and Young People’s Services

Calling All Social Workers

Register for our virtual Social Worker Recruitment Open Evening on March 3rd at 7pm

Our Vision

We want every child and young person in Newham to enjoy the best opportunities in life, and to be encouraged and supported to aim high, fulfil their potential and meet their ambitions. We are determined that children living in care, and care leavers in Newham enjoy the same kind of support as many young people get from their families’

Our outcomes, obsession and key themes are at the heart of our service improvement strategy to ensure we achieve our vision.

Our outcomes

All children and young people in Newham will:

  1. Grow up happy, healthy, and safe
  2. Flourish in our schools
  3. Benefit from employment, skills and training opportunities
  4. Play an active role in the community

Our obsessions

  • Improve the care experience
  • Increase support to families
  • Invest in the workforce, improving quality and stability
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Our key themes

Our Strategic Improvement Plan focuses on all aspects of social care, delivering vital improvements to Children’s and Young People Services.

  1. Leadership, Vision and Culture
  2. Model of Practice
  3. The Fundamentals
  4. Corporate Parenting
  5. Partnerships
  6. Learning and Transparency
  7. Workforce