Welcome to ‘Newham Together’ – the best place for children and young people

Following our recent Ofsted ILACS inspection I'm so proud that Children's Social Care at Newham has moved from an 'Inadequate' rating in 2019 to 'GOOD' for overall effectiveness.

This great achievement follows three years of hard work during which we have set a clear approach to practice (Newham Circles of Support; systemic and relationship-based), remained true to our core values (restorative) and ensured practitioners have the right support in place to work safely, effectively, and to develop their careers.

I feel very proud to work with such dedicated and talented colleagues and I am looking forward to the challenge of developing a centre of excellence for children's social care over the next 18 months. The last three years have created a firm culture of improvement at Newham, and we will continue to work tirelessly to ensure that no child is left behind. A big part of this is bringing in the right people - and that is where you come in!

We are committed to recruiting, developing and supporting outstanding social workers, and to creating the right environment for exceptional, creative social work to flourish. We have a united, dynamic and ambitious leadership team across social care and education (rated by Ofsted as OUTSTANDING), a dedicated team of family therapists and are the only local authority in the country with a Director of Clinical Practice. Our career pathway has been improved and there are now genuine options for dedicated practitioners to progress in their careers.

We are forging a culture of openness, transparency, and accountability, where everyone feels valued and empowered to make a positive impact in families’ lives. Our pioneering ‘Newham Circles of Support’ practice model, commended recently by Ofsted, is based on a relational and systemic approach, with a focus on building purposeful, positive relationships.

We welcome different skillsets and embrace individuality. Our team of systemic experts will support you in your practice, while our social care academy offers ongoing professional development, giving you the skills and confidence to champion the rights of Newham’s children and young people.

Join us as we continue to strive to make Newham the best place for children and young people.

Tim Aldridge

Corporate Director of Children and Young People’s Services


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Our Vision

Our vision is for Newham to be a place where every child and young person enjoys the best possible opportunities in life – through outstanding education; first-rate youth services; exceptional family support, and social care services that ensure no child is left behind.

Our outcomes

All children and young people in Newham will:

  1. Grow up happy, healthy, and safe
  2. Flourish in our schools
  3. Benefit from employment, skills and training opportunities
  4. Play an active role in the community

Our obsessions

  • Improve the care experience
  • Increase support to families
  • Invest in the workforce, improving quality and stability
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Our key themes

Our Strategic Improvement Plan focuses on all aspects of social care, delivering vital improvements to Children’s and Young People Services.

  1. Leadership, Vision and Culture
  2. Model of Practice
  3. The Fundamentals
  4. Corporate Parenting
  5. Partnerships
  6. Learning and Transparency
  7. Workforce