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We’re a vibrant, dynamic, culturally rich London Borough with a young population and limitless potential. We’re a challenging yet rewarding place to practise social work, with the networks in place to enable you to be the best social worker you can be and make a real difference to our children and their families. Our social care services were rated to be GOOD overall by Ofsted, with leadership rated as OUTSTANDING, but we have not stopped striving to be better.

We’ve been working tirelessly to establish a Centre of Excellence for Children’s Services through investment, co-production and by continuously developing our 'Circles of Support' practice model; centring on systemic and restorative practice and a specialist support offer for our practitioners.

Ofsted described Newham as having a positive culture of learning and development and we always try to develop talent in-house. We promoted 30 internal colleagues in 2023 alone, and have put 46 practitioners through further education since 2020. We value your development and at Newham career progression is reality for many.

We understand that social work can be a challenging yet ultimately very rewarding profession that makes demands of you personally and professionally. In Newham we value your wellbeing and ensure that you have the support needed for a better work/life balance through a remote working offer when you are not visiting your children and families, a pleasant, modern office space for when you are in the office, a flexible working policy where all requests are considered, and a clinical offer to support you to do your best work.


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Our Vision

Our vision is for Newham to be a place where every child and young person enjoys the best possible opportunities in life – through outstanding education; first-rate youth services; exceptional family support, and social care services that ensure no child is left behind.

Our outcomes

All children and young people in Newham will:

  1. Grow up happy, healthy, and safe
  2. Flourish in our schools
  3. Benefit from employment, skills and training opportunities
  4. Play an active role in the community
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Our key themes

Our Strategic Improvement Plan focuses on all aspects of social care, delivering vital improvements to Children’s and Young People Services.

  1. Leadership, Vision and Culture
  2. Model of Practice
  3. The Fundamentals
  4. Corporate Parenting
  5. Partnerships
  6. Learning and Transparency
  7. Workforce