Our Borough

Newham is a diverse borough with a young population, which has undergone considerable regeneration as part of the Olympic legacy.

There are more than 86,000 children and young people in Newham.

Who We Need

Experienced social workers who:

  • Want to contribute to the community by laying and building the foundations for success for present and future generations of Newham residents.
  • Are excited by being at the forefront of innovation and improvement and keen to be a part of our journey to excellence.
  • Show resilience and tenacity; not deterred by the challenges of working in a borough high on the social deprivation index with a genuine desire to improve service users' social mobility and end negative cycles.
  • Are always striving to be the best and who share our ambitions for the families we work with.
  • Want to develop their careers in a vibrant and diverse borough and have a thirst for knowledge and continuous professional development.

Investing in Social Work

We are constantly evolving, and aim to always to provide the best support to our social workers. Many social workers have completed their systemic training whilst at Newham, and we want to ensure that you have the knowledge and skills to support our community effectively. We provide support and training which is directly tailored to the needs of the community and reflects current best practice and research, ensuring all can adopt our restorative approach to social work and be confident with their systemic practice.

Practice Model

Newham has adopted the systemic approach as its single theory of practice. We are in our third year of working in partnership with the Institute of Family Therapy and resident Child and Adolescent Mental Health clinicians to train and support social workers in the use of systemic concepts and tools when building relationships with families.

Innovative Approaches

Newham has been awarded £2.6m by the DfE Children’s Social Care Innovation programme to design and deliver an innovative programme to work with families affected by domestic violence and abuse.