Assessed and Supported Year of Employment

Newham follows the national guidelines for the ASYE as follows:

  • Reduced Caseload
    • Caseloads start very low (40% of a full social worker) and slowly build in complexity to 90% by the end of the ASYE.
  • Increased Supervision
    • Weekly for 8 weeks, then fortnightly to the 6 month review, then monthly or more frequently if needed.
  • Protected Learning Time
    • 10% of NQSW's time (half is used by the ASYE programme, the other half is self-guided learning)
  • Regular Reviews
    • Baseline, 3 month, 6 month and 11 month with a moderation panel agreeing the results.

On top of this bare minimum, Newham has created a full educational programme for NQSWs to support them becoming capable and confident practitioners by the end of their first year in practice. The Newham ASYE programme has been developed in line with our Practice Framework which is restorative and relational in approach and uses systemic ideas and tools. This framework, which you can read more about here, equips Newly Qualified Social Workers with the knowledge, skills and tools to work with families as the experts in their own lives to help them identify and address the issues which impact them.

NQSWs are encouraged to explore their own history and background, and reflect on how these Social GRACES have shaped their worldview in order to be better able to understand the influence these have on their relationships with their children and families. In turn, understanding the Social GRACES of those service users gives the NQSW greater insight into how an individual's life and family may have come to be in a particular situation and their experiences of having social work involvement.

Our Programme

Newham's ASYE programme combines developing practice as a compassionate and curious professional with building an understanding of the processes and procedures children and families are subject to when they become involved in the Social Care System. While NQSWs learn the policies, procedures, tasks and responsibilities of their job, they are also encouraged to reflect on what it is like to be on the receiving end of the experience. They are shown how to adopt a practice style which recognises and minimises the distress social care involvement can cause, without compromising their safeguarding duties.

The diagramme below illustrates the path through the Newham ASYE. It is split into three review periods - 3 months, 6 months and 11 months. Each month of the first half of the year focuses on an area of practice following the Journey of the Child. The second half of the year gives the NQSW an introduction to Systemic Practice while building their experience in more complex safeguarding matters.

Newham is part of the North East London Teaching Partnership. The NELTP is comprised of a number of Local Authorities in the area, as well as Higher Education Institutes including the University of East London and London Metropolitan University. Each year, the Partnership runs training open to all NQSWs doing their ASYE in partner authorities.

We are also partnered with Research in Practice, Care Knowledge, and Making Research Count. All Newham CSC employees receive a subscription to these services.

Monthly Learning Cycles

During the first six months, the learning cycle on the right is followed:

  • In the first week there is a half-day of training around the month's theme. This training covers purposeful recording, systemic engagement with service users around this theme, direct work, and common practice errors to avoid.
  • The NQSW and their manager identify experiential learning opportunities to undertake over the month around the theme, including observation, shadowing, joint work, recommended research, and reading relevant cases.
  • Over the month the NQSW reflects on the training and through their experiences is able to embed their learning into their practice.
  • At the end of the month, NQSWs attend a reflective peer group discussion facilitated by a systemically trained social worker. NQSWs have an opportunity to share and learn from each others' experiences. They are also able to raise any questions they might have about the ASYE with the Workforce Development Service Manager.

During the second half of the year, NQSWs attend the 5-day systemic practice course. This is spread over 10 weeks, so training takes place more often; NQSWs and their managers still embed this learning into practice, and NQSWs still attend reflective group supervision at the end of each month.


Intake and Location

Newham takes in two cohorts of NQSWs each year - in April/May and September/October. At any one time, half of the cohort will be following the Journey of the Child and the other half will be going through their Systemic Practice course.

NQSWs are placed in service areas which deal directly with children and families. These can include Assessment, Safeguarding and Intervention, Children in Care and, if the NQSW has significant relevant previous experience, the Children with Disabilities Team (0-25). Their line manager is their ASYE Assessor. ASYE numbers are kept so that the ratio of NQSW to Social Worker should be no lower than 1 to 5.

Intake in each service area is staggered so that there should always be NQSWs from each cohort. The "earlier" cohort will be helping to mentor the "newer" cohort in their teams and in so doing embedding their own learning.


Salary and Application

£33,324 + £5,000 market supplement

12 month ASYE leading to Permanent SW role– Full time, flexible hours

Location: Newham Dockside, E16 2QU


Minimum criteria for applying:

  • You must be eligible to undertake the ASYE under the national criteria:
    • You must have been awarded an eligible social work qualification within the 24 months prior to your start date (April/May 2021 at the earliest).
    • Alternatively, you must be on track to complete your qualification by the end of August 2021 to be eligible for the September 2021 cohort.
  • You must be registered with Social Work England prior to starting.
  • You must be able to legally work in the UK for at least the 12 months following the start of the programme – we are not able to assist with visas or sponsorship.
  • You must not have started an ASYE in another local authority (this can be checked with Skills For Care).

Your CV will be checked first to ensure that you meet the above criteria. If you do not, you will not progress.

The application contains three rounds:

  1. your CV and a written component - Click here to access this.
    • These must be submitted together through the online application portal below. Failure to include both will result in your application being discarded.
  2. a role play
    • This will be with an actor via zoom.
  3. an interview.
    • This will be with three managers in Children's Social Care over Zoom.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have a zoom-capable device and sufficient internet connection. Re-booking due to poor connection will be solely at our discretion.

All applicants who meet the above minimum criteria will have their written submissions considered for shortlisting. There are limited spots in the second and third round and applicants who best meet our recruitment criteria will progress from each stage: we are looking for empathetic, reflective practitioners who are keen to learn, passionate about serving the local community and demonstrate the ability to apply theory to practice.

If you have any questions you can click here to contact Newham Children's Social Care's Recruitment Team.

Our Senior Leadership will be online to tell you about the ASYE and working in Newham CSC more generally on the 3rd of March at 7pm.
Click here to book a place.