Why Newham?

Our improvement journey is well underway, but there's plenty of time for you to contribute and be part of our successful transformation. Career development is extremely important to us, and positive organisational change will provide opportunities for high performing staff to progress.

In the longer term, being part of a successful improvement journey at a high profile borough like Newham will offer an excellent and unique experience you'll be able to carry with you throughout your professional life!


We've been working hard to make Newham a great place to practice social work.

We will offer you:

  • A four year personalised career pathway, including opportunities to gain specific advice at an annual summer Careers Fair.
  • Flexible working arrangements and the opportunity to work from home
  • Smarter Working with modern technology enabling remote working from wherever is most convenient
  • Newham Social Care Academy providing a workforce-lead training programme
  • Training in systemic practice as standard, with an extended programme potentially leading to a Masters in Family Therapy
  • Our Practice Framework - A positive, nurturing and collaborative work environment built on trust
  • Excellent transport links to the rest of the capital
  • Permanent and stable senior leadership with a consistent vision
  • We will be a ‘Social Work Centre of Excellence’ by 2023

We also offer you a competitive salary package with a £5,000 annual retention payment for qualified roles below Service Manager.

Newly Qualified Social Worker: £34,881

Social Worker​: £34,884 to £43,860​ + £5,000 retention payment per annum

​Practice Leaders: ​£45,834to £51,837+ £5,000 retention payment per annum

Service Manager: £58,566 to £72,621

Head of Service: £67,938 to £86,682

A photo of happy girl with arms around father. Young man is looking at daughter smiling. They are in casuals at home.
  • Yearly incremental wage rise, with potential double increments for top performers.
  • Travel assistance package for social workers to purchase a business parking permit or free oyster card use for business purposes
  • Car user mileage allowance
  • Cycle allowance
  • Relocation package of up to £7,500

Additional Benefits:

We appreciate the difficult and important work that social workers do, and offer staff additional wellbeing benefits:

  • Flexible and remote working
  • Employee assistance programme providing free 24 hour counselling, support and expert advice on personal, financial and legal issues (for employees and members of their family living at the same address)
  • Free Fit2Work 1-1 Wellbeing sessions
  • Annual free eye test
  • Occupational health service