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All social work roles in Newham have the same basic job description. Social Workers work in various services within the department. The information below will introduce you to the Heads of the various Services and give you some information about those areas of work.

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Early Help, MASH, Assessment, and NRPF

Head of Service – Mahfuzul Khan

Our MASH and Assessment services work closely together, ensuring we act quickly and appropriately to ensure the best decisions are achieved for our children and young people. Our MASH is a single point of contact for all safeguarding referrals for children. MASH provides a delivery framework that enables partner agencies to work together to support and safeguard children by sharing and analysing information that is held about them. The service intends to provide a proportionate, timely and coordinated approach to all children in need and/or at risk within the Borough through collaborative partnership working that places the child at the centre of decision making and ensures that the right help is identified at the outset.

We have six teams in the assessment service to ensure families receive timely intervention when a referral is progressed for a statutory intervention. We follow a systemic approach to working with families with direct work with children at the centre of our intervention. We are focused on offering timely assessments to families to ensure that there is a clear and meaningfully plan that enables positive outcome for their children.

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Intervention and Safeguarding

Head of Service – Nasima Patei

The intervention and safeguarding service provides the majority of support for families under Child in Need and Child Protection plans, up to shortly after a child becomes looked after. The teams within Intervention and Safeguarding operate in four area teams, so the staff have the opportunity to become familiar with the schools, health visitors and other community services in their area. They are therefore able to build relationships with these partners as they will encounter them regularly.

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Children in Care, and Leaving Care

Head of Service – Carlos Galaz

Social Workers in Children in Care receive support and supervision from a Practice Leader and work within a close-knit pod of 5-6 social workers. Social Workers in Leaving Care Work in a pod with a Practice Leader and 4-5 Personal Advisors, acting as fully qualified support for our care leavers.​​

We have focussed our resources to support social workers to deliver high quality assessments, plans and direct work to improve the lived experience and outcomes for children. We are developing our culture to ensure that staff are listened to and engaged with developing a new practice model. We are providing new learning and development opportunities for social workers to ensure their knowledge and skills creating opportunities to expand interests and skills further.

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Care Provision and Support (including Fostering)

Head of Service – Victor Cook

Our Care Provision and Support service encompasses Fostering, Permanency, Pause and our Brokerage team. Social Workers in the service are responsible for the recruitment and supervision and support of approved foster carers, completing Annual Reviews and ensuring carers meet the National Minimum Standards for Foster Care.​

This service overlaps with the Intervention service as the Divert! team works with children who are at risk of coming into care and remain involved for a period if or when a child does enter the care system. Although the Social Worker will change, due to the structure of the department mentioned above, the Divert! worker will be a constant for them over this time. Once in care, they will remain in this service until either they return home, or they reach the age where Leaving Care services are no longer required. This service therefore provides continuity through the processes of entering care, and their pathway out of care after they turn 18. 

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Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (0-25)

Head of Service – Roz Pither

The Special Educational Needs and Disability service bridges social care and education to work with children whose needs require significant additional support. As these needs are not confined to one of these environments, these combined services are able to focus on the child and their family’s needs, rather than trying to address these separately in the school and at home contexts. 

Please note - due to the specialist requirements for a social worker in this service, the recruitment process will be slightly different.

Clinical Team

Senior Family Therapist and Social Worker – Philippa Simons

The Clinical Team provides support and expert advice to social care staff in using systemic ideas in their Social Work practice and interventions. All are dual qualified as Social Workers and Systemic Family Therapists who work alongside the allocated social worker and support with group supervision and case consultation. This service is fundamental to helping embed the Practice Framework by giving practitioners practical support on their cases so that they can learn to use systemic theory and tools by applying them to their cases in real time.

The Clinical Team is not currently recruiting as it is fully staffed. This means that as a children's Social Worker in Newham you will have access to their expertise and support.