Rising to the challenge of social work

“Knowing I’ve made a difference” is something we hear often, usually from people that do a difficult job, often without any thanks.

And it is the difference that he sees in the young people he works with that makes social work the right career for Steve Chaplin, who heads up a team of outreach workers focusing on young people. He said: “Whenever I see one of the young people we are working with achieve their goals, I’m reminded of why I became a social worker. Knowing we have helped them on their personal journey is so rewarding.

“Each day is very varied and I enjoy working with my team to find ways to resolve issues. You never know what young people will present you with, so you really have to think on your feet.”

As in any career, training and support play a vital role in helping people reach their full potential and social work is no different. This is why Newham Council offers its social workers opportunities to grow and develop.

Steve said: “The training I’ve received in Newham has been excellent. I’ve completed a diploma through the Institute of Family Therapy and I’m also taking part in the Firstline Leadership Programme, which is really developing my leadership skills.” The programme develops good social work managers into outstanding leaders, better able to support their teams.

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